Our Programme

Are your children facing difficulties with the short worded questions or problem sums in the Maths Examination Paper, which constitutes up to 80% of the total marks of the paper?







Problem Solving

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Programme outlines:


 Systematic introduction to various heuristic concepts

 Impart application skills through rigorous practices of relative questions

 Building confidence through wide exposure to challenging questions from past years examination papers

 Assist in preparation prior to examinations

 Perform post examination diagnostic consultation to build on their strengths and to improve on weakness

 Engage students actively during lessons

 Provides close observation and assessment of each individual


Besides group tuition, tailored or customised programme on 1 to 1 coaching also available!

To find out more about our programme and the class schedules, please contact us via phone or email.


To get the most value out of the programme, the onus is on the student to hold steadfast the determination to do well!

We are a team of dedicated and effective teachers with 8 years of experience in the educational field and are here to partner with parents in the preschool and primary school maths learning journey of your children. Our focused and structured programmes are designed to assist your children to overcome their stumbling blocks in handling worded questions or problem sums. Thus, enabling them to handle these questions confidently and at ease.